Funky stylings...”

Stephanie Williams, Washington Post

There’s no band in New York who sound anything like Eliza and the Organix... You can dance to them, but they also have flashes of psychedelia and a vintage punk fearlessness. They’re funky, but their sound is uncluttered and gritty – is it legal to call them organic?”

Alan Young, New York Music Daily

A unique sound that blends funk, rock, and hints of folk and jazz.”

Suzannah Weiss, Audiofemme

"Brooklyn, New York rockers, Eliza and the Organix, are a fun mix of funk, rock, and indie that’s as chill as it is dancy, as current as it is retro."”

Christopher Gonda, Pure Grain Audio

The music showcases a powerful vocal dripping with charisma – Eliza's chief instrument, attracting a serious suite of talented jazz musicians...Whether Eliza continues to find her fun lyrically, or instead opts to marshal that idiosyncrasy through complex song construction a la “freak folk” standout Tune-Yards..., E&O will remain a band to watch.”

Willie Ward, the Mvaults

"If you’re looking for some soulful rock in the depths of Brooklyn, look no further. Eliza and the Organix is a dynamite rock group that can rock and groove with the best of them."”

Evan Zwisler, Madness To Creation

A subtle anomaly of jazz, blues, Latin, rock and other genres which the Organix seamlessly blend styles on.”

Frederick Gubitosi, Shutter 16 Magazine

"A thoughtful, soulful sound."”

— Dan Herman, Radio Crystal Blue

Part rock, part jazz, part funk with bits and pieces of other influences blended together to create something new and refreshing.”

The Music Below

Harkens back to the old No-Wave Movement of the late 70s, early 1980s.”

— Mike Taylor, Amazing Radio

A deliciously dark and exuberantly hook-filled sound!”

— Peter Hay, Twin Vision